"toto, i have a feeling we're not in kansas anymore"

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took this while waiting in line at clover;

am getting increasingly drawn to black & white photography; i love how a lack of colour draws so much more attention to motion, geometry, and shadows
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ohhhhh this is such a nice photo!also, i’ve always wondered how people feel when street photographers take pictures of them


Late Noodles At Lao Pa Sat (by Jon Siegel)
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ugh this food blog kills me every time!!!
I always wondered how one did this
It was the age of questions, not knowing what you wanted, knowing what you didn’t want. - Agnès Varda

Prague just got real!!!! (Y) (Y) (Y) so happy to the point that i am airing this on every social media outlet i have ha

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i love how certain songs can remind you of certain periods of your life. It Will Rain somehow always reminds me of Puerto Rico: especially that long winding road to El Yunque; the fact that everyone was asleep in the van except me; the fact that it was gloomy and dark and dreary.
Puerto Rico is definitely one of my top #10 favorite moments ever (sunshine, gr8 food, freedom), what would I give to relive it again
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miss traipsing along the streets and doing absolutely nothing with you
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I don’t know why people hate on bare branches during winter. personally I think the intricacy is beautiful
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